Durrer Center for Cardiovasculair Research is initiated by the Netherlands Heart Institute in 2008. The Netherlands Heart Institute fosters excellent cardiovascular research on national and international level. NL-HI conducts basic science as well as clinical research. NL-HI aims to promote cooperation between university medical centers in the Netherlands and between scientists and the private sector.

Durrer Center facilitates high-quality logistic support in collection and storage of sample and data for researchers in the field of cardiovasculair research and maximize the scientific potential by providing a transparent mechanism for sample and data access to benefit the scientific community and society as a whole.
Durrer Center has a neutral and independent position in relation to the individual UMCs, researchers / consortia and other parties. Durrer Center is a non-profit-making organization.

The current scientific managers of Durrer Center are:
– Dr. F.W. Asselbergs (cardiologist UMCU, Utrecht)
– Dr. P. van der Harst (cardiologist UMCG, Groningen)
– Dr. J.P. van Tintelen (clinical geneticist AMC, Amsterdam)

Durrer Center is situated in Academic Medical Center (AMC) and closely work together with AMC Biobank. They share employees, rooms, protocols, and quality standards. AMC Biobank is one of the core facilities at the Academic Medical Center (AMC) of the University of Amsterdam. AMC Biobank has been established in 2014.