Durrer Center is initiated by the Dutch Interuniversity Cardiology Institute – Netherlands Heart Institute (ICIN-NHI) and co-founded by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) and the Dutch Heart Foundation (Nederlandse Hartstichting). Collaboration and support has been pledged by the cardiology departments of all eight University Medical Centers in the Netherlands as well as the Dutch Society for Clinical Genetics (Vereniging Klinische Genetica Nederland, VKGN) and Association of Clinical Genetic Diagnostic Laboratories (Vereniging Klinisch Genetische Laboratoriumdiagnostiek, VKGL).
Durrer Center has a neutral and independent position in relation to the individual UMCs, researchers and other parties. Durrer Center is a non-profit-making organization.

The current scientific managers of Durrer Center are:

– Dr. F.W. Asselbergs (cardiologist UMCU, Utrecht)
– Dr. P. van der Harst (cardiologist UMCG, Groningen)
– Dr. J.P. van Tintelen (clinical geneticist AMC, Amsterdam).