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Data management as part of good research

Successful scientific research in life and health sciences depends on standardized and high-quality data. Currently, strategies to guarantee long-term data availability and accessibility for the scientific community at large are generally not well defined in ongoing and finalized research projects. Therefore, it is not transparent which data (and biomaterials) are already collected throughout the different Dutch cardiology centers and how these data could be accessed by external investigators. Data reusability is therefore limited, despite its potential of contributing to the achievement of other research goals beyond the original objectives of a study.

Nowadays, many funding agencies (e.g. ZonMw, NWO, KWF, Hartstichting) request research data that emerges from publicly funded research to become freely and sustainably available for other researchers. Consideration is given to aspects such as privacy, data security, ethical issues, property rights and commercial interests.

Overall, the data management policy of the funding programs consists of two steps:

1. A data management section in the research proposal in which the researcher should answer several questions on this topic. The most important aim of the data management section in the proposal is to enhance awareness among researchers on data management. Examples of these questions are:
a. Will data be collected or generated that are suitable for reuse?
b. Which facilities (ICT, (secure) archive or legal expertise) are expected to be needed for the storage of data during and after the conclusion of the research project?
c. Will a data manager/steward be involved in your research?
d. What budget should be reserved for data management?
These are some examples of questions to be answered in the data management section of a research proposal. These questions differ among the funding programs.

2. A Data Management Plan (DMP) that must be submitted after the research proposal has been awarded funding (most funding programs expect the data management plan to be submitted within six months after a project gets awarded). Funding programs request researchers to draft a DMP to ensure that data will be stored according the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usable) principles for scientific data management.
As part of making research data FAIR, a DMP should include information on:
a) the handling of research data during and after the end of the project
b) what data will be collected, processed and/or generated
c) which methodology and standards will be applied
d) whether data will be shared/made open access and
e) how data will be curated and preserved (including after the end of the project).
If you need to write a data management section or draft a DMP, Durrer Center can help you.
Durrer Center can also support you (in close cooperation with TraIT) in setting up an infrastructure for collection and (longterm) storage of data, biomaterials and images.

Please contact wanda.hermans-vanast@durrercenter.nl and we will discuss the best option to provide support to you.

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