To evaluate the storage procedures, logistics, handling of complaints e.g. we ask the project leaders (‘customers’) every 2 years to share their experiences and suggestions with Durrer Center, through a Customer Evaluation survey. This can help us to improve our services.

In 2013 all contacted project managers answered that they find the services provided by the Durrer Center necessary for their research. 75% of the managers answered that they were positive to contact the Durrer Center for future projects.

Regarding knowledge, sample storage, handling complaints the project leaders gave an average score of 8,4 (in a 10-point scale, where score ‘1‘ is very bad and score ‘10’ is excellent). On logistics, response time and documentation Durrer Center received an average score of 8,2. The results of this survey show that the services provided by Durrer Center are good, but not excellent. Improvements will be made following the results of this survey.

In 2015 Durrer Center will ask the projectleaders to fill in a questionnaire again.