Datamanagement plan for awarded projects of Hartstichting

After a grant has been awarded (e.g. CVON) the Hartstichting expects of researchers to write a DMP ( Together with Durrer Center (part of Netherlands Heart Institute), she has issued a template for a data management plan (DMP).
The template is divided in three phases:
– Initial Phase: the questions in this phase needs to be answered within 6 month after the start date of the project;
– Mid-term phase: the questions in this phase needs to be answered at the mid-term evaluation of the project;
– End phase: the final DMP needs to be finished at the end evaluation of the project.

The template is accessible via . DMP online is a tool developed by the UK’s Digital Curation Center (DCC).

To use DMP online you need to create a free account at Afterwards, you need to choose “create plan” and select the template of the Netherlands Heart Institute (at the funder tab).

There are some useful video tutorials for using DMP online at Youtube:

An example of a filled in template of the DMP is available via this link.
For assistance in the preparation of the DMP please contact Ricardo de Miranda Azevedo or Wanda Hermans-van Ast from Durrer Center.


020-566 6499
030-233 3600