The Durrer Center

The Durrer Center for Cardiovascular Research (www.durrercenter.nl) was founded in 2008 as a facility of the Netherlands Heart Institute (NL-HI). NL-HI fosters collaboration between university medical centers in the Netherlands and between scientists and the private sector within the cardiovascular domain.
Durrer Center provides expertise and services to collect, analyse, manage, store, archive and share clinical research data, images and biomaterials. The main principle is that biomaterials and research data are Findable (F), Interoperable (I), Accessible (A) and Reusable (R).


Durrer Center provides a number of services for (multi-centre) research projects. These services include:

  • Biobanking:
    • cryo storage for +4℃, -20℃, -80℃ and -196℃_DSC1461
    • lab facilities for receiving and distributing samples
    • web based sample tracking / storage system
    • virtual registry of existing collections
    • website with overview of collected materials plus basic descriptive information (new)


  • Logistic support:
    • infrastructure for collecting and distributing samples
    • equipment for transporting samples (+4℃, -20℃, -80℃ and -196℃)


  • Research support:sideimage-2
    • molecular biology: access to state of the art lab facilities including most techniques for research focused on molecular biology (e.g. robotized DNA extraction, quality/quantity check on DNA/RNA, Sanger sequencing, Next Generation Sequencing (Roche/Solexa), gene expression analyses (quantitative PCR), genotyping (e.g. Taqman), copy number variation analyses (MLPA, qPCR), whole genome DNA amplification)
    • bio-informatics: expertise and hardware for doing elaborate statistical analysis on several different output formats or complex genetics analysis (e.g. GWAS)


  • Legal-ethical support:
    • assistance in arranging documents on informed consent, material transfer and contracts._DSC1465
    • possibility to consult a qualified legal expert for questions pertaining to legal or ethical issues
    • collect documentation necessary for legal and ethical aspects of sample collection and storage


  • Trial management:
    • development of formats for registries and standard e-CRF for clinical data collection

Study Catalogue

The Durrer Center manages a couple of catalogues, they are listed below. By clicking on the link the catalog will open in a new window.

Durrer Center studies Catalogue:

This catalogue gives an overview of all the studies that are stored at the Durrer Center. This catalogue can be used  by researchers to find interesting cohorts/samples for their study.

click here for the Durrer Center study collection

GENCOR Catalogue:
Patients with primary cardiac arrhythmia syndromes (ion channelopathies) or secondary cardiac arrhythmia syndromes (cardiomyopathies)  with a known mutation are  included in the GENCOR catalogue. Patients with structural congenital heart defects (e.g. Tetralogy of Fallot, aortic coarctation, ventricular septal defect and atrial septal defects, aortic valvar stenosis) or Marfan syndrome are excluded from participation.

click here for the GENCOR database

Cardiac Tissue Biobank Utrecht:

The Cardiac Tissue Biobank Utrecht combines clinical and genetic data with cardiac tissue collected by the departments of pathology and cardiology from UMC Utrecht starting from the 1980’s. Included biobank materials are cardiac tissue (e.g. biopsies, heart slices), fibroblast cell cultures, plasma, and DNA. In total, more than 500 patients with an ischemic or non-ischemic cardiomyopathy who underwent a heart transplantation or left ventricular assist device implantation are included in the Cardiac Tissue Biobank Utrecht. This study catalogue is financially supported by BBMRI-NL, a Research Infrastructure financed by the Dutch government (NWO 184.021.007)

click here for Cardiac Tissue Biobank Utrecht

 International DCM database:

click here for the International DCM database